Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles

Transformers in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles

Every time I watch the show Lucifer, I feel I should have spent more time at Los Angeles (L.A.). The show tempts me to go back to L.A. so I can see why the characters on the show fall in love with the city. I have been to L.A. only once and I do have … Read more

Universal Studios in Singapore

Universal Studios in Singapore

One of the fun theme parks I have visited is the Universal Studios in Singapore. The rides, entertainment and the attractions are so much fun and enjoyable. I spent an entire day exploring the theme park and museums during my 4 days trip in Singapore. The theme park also has a lot of attractions, restaurants, … Read more

Visit Disneyland Hong Kong

Visit Disneyland in Hong Kong

While growing up, it’s every child’s dream to visit Disneyland. It is a place where everyone seems happy and it has all those favourite cartoon characters that come to life. Similarly, visiting Disneyland was my dream too. Even though I did not get an opportunity to visit Disneyland when I was young, I did fulfill … Read more

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