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Why do I hike?

Why do I hike?‘ is one of the common questions I get asked. Some of them around me is so inquisitive to understand why I love hiking and why do I do it so often. I have never mentioned this ever on my posts as I have always been scared to talk about my personal life and fears. It is scary as I only tell and show people what I want to. And the reason why I have very few close friends. I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time now – maybe years, but every time I started I have decided to abandon this post.

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The ultimate guide to Sydney - Why do I hike?

Why do I hike?

Today, I would like to give an insight into my fitness and the reason why I do so many hikes and walks. In the year 2012, just a few days before my birthday, I was scanned for a cyst on my pancreas. This was identified by chance. It was such a big cyst that I had to be operated almost immediately (‘time is ticking’ is what one of the doctors had told me). After consulting about 12 to 13 doctors (why so many doctors, is a story for another day!) around Bangalore, I finally had an operation (a major one – at least that’s what the doctor told me later after the surgery) in 2012. The operation had lasted for 4 to 5 hours (so I have been told).

My family and friends ask me (a lot) as to why I am always consulting doctors and getting my blood tests done regularly. They think it is because I am petrified for no reason. But… I have no choice. I have to keep a watch on my body and need to know what is happening. And I am that one person who was admitted to the hospital for a toothache (as my immunity was low) and I was on antibiotics every day for years.

I am absolutely fine now, but I have to work on my fitness a little extra hard compared to others. My energy shoots down to low levels very easily if I don’t work out and I have to keep pushing myself constantly to be at par with my hiking group.

How did my journey towards being active start?

There was a turning point in my life in the second half of the year 2016. I do not clearly remember what happened back then. But I decided to change. I decided to change my lifestyle and everything around me. The decision was that I wanted to be fit, and I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be able to walk and hike for long distances without feeling the need to take rest every few minutes. And most importantly, I did not want the creeping diseases because of the lack of exercises.

I started hiking, thanks to Akshata (I have two Akshatas in my life, so to clarify this Akshata is from Sydney) who planted this seed in my head. I initially started with just 5 kilometres walks over the weekends and then increased it bit by bit. It has been an amazing journey from being lazy and lethargic to being active. My hiking group of friends, especially Vijay and Som were a great encouragement. They helped me in this journey and in this fight.

Today, I have hiked Inca trail and Everest Base Camp, something that looked like a distant dream. It has taken a lot of hard work and sweats to be where I am today, and I know it will always be my constant battle throughout my life. I am always walking or hiking and trying to complete ‘x’ kilometres every week – it has now become an obsession.

Closing Notes

I always have the fear, fighting within me, that one day I may not hike as much as I do today, and I may become the same old Raksha I was 3 years ago – lazy and slow. I do not want to become that Raksha again and I dislike her, she was unhealthy and unfit (it’s a different story that I am a slow hiker even now 😀 ). Even now, at this very moment, I wouldn’t still call myself as fit, but I will work towards it every day. Now you know why I hike so much!

And hey! The view of the World from the top of a mountain is much better than anywhere else.

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