10 places to see Milky Way in NSW

I am a huge fan of Milky Way. I get transformed into a small child when I see stars. The dust in the sky, the shooting stars and the star trails, everything excites me. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to live in Australia, where Milky Way is visible almost from everywhere. So, in this post I have tried to list 10 places in NSW state of Australia where Milky Way can be spotted quite easily.

  1. Blue Mountains – About 75 kms from Sydney, Blue mountains offer a great opportunity to capture Milky Way. This is one of closer options from Sydney.
  2. Mungo Brush – Mungo Brush campground is within the Myall Lakes National Park and is about 230 kms from Sydney.
  3. Glenworth Valley – Nestled in the Central Coast region of NSW, the distance of the valley is about 65 kms from Sydney.
  4. Eden – About 550 kms from Sydney to the south, this is one of the farthest places. But the beauty this place offers is something worth traveling for.
  5. Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse – The lighthouse is in the Seal Rocks region of NSW. It is about 280 kms from Sydney.
  6. Dubbo – Distance of about 400 kms from Sydney, and is in the Orana region of NSW.
  7. Bombo Beach – This beach is part of Kiama, and is about 120 kms from Sydney. Kiama is easily accessible by train from Sydney.
  8. Turimetta Beach – This beach is closest to Sydney, and is at a distance of just 30 kms.
  9. Barrenjoey Lighthouse – The lighthouse stands at the Palm beach. And is about 45 kms from Sydney.
  10. Thredbo – Distance of about 500 kms from Sydney, and is located in Kosciuszko National Park.

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3 comments on “10 places to see Milky Way in NSW”
  1. Jackie Jain says:

    Wow Raksha. . Very beautiful picture. Milky way always draws my interest. Space never fails to make us wonder about the unending universe. And from almost anywhere, you are lucky to live in Australia. Very informative post.

    Thanks. Have a good time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mukul chand says:

    Lovely Pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

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