Camping under the Milky Way!

Mungo Brush Camping ground is about 180 kilometers from north of Sydney. It is a popular and well known camping ground with about 75 camping sites and some basic facilities like barbecue tables, non-flush toilets and picnic tables.

It is just next to the ocean and you can hear the sound of waves while you sleep in a comfortable tent of yours :). This does sound pretty cool right!


The camping ground is the perfect camping ground for viewing and camping under the Milky Way. There is absolutely no light pollution. There are some picnic tables that are in the middle of the ground between the two barbecue tables. And this is the perfect place to lie down and watch the beautiful, magical and magnificent milky way.

The camping ground also has abundant wildlife around. I saw a huge Goanna around the tent and few Kookaburra.

IMG_7015 (2)

The total cost for one night for only tent is AUD 16.40. The booking can be made online through the NSW National Parks website. The latest up to date information can be found on their website.




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