day trips from Darwin

One day trips from Darwin (Australia)

Darwin is the capital city of Northern Territory. It is known for its amazing national parks and the strong Aboriginal culture. I am in love with Darwin. I love everything about this beautiful cultural city. So, I have been here two times and I wish to visit many more times. I have taken multiple day trips …

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Travel Guide | Arnhem Land

The East Alligator River is the gateway to Arnhem Land. The Arnhem Land is one of the last untouched wilderness area in Australia. It is in the northeast corner of Northern Territory (NT). To visit this land, one needs special permits. The permits have to be applied through Northern Land Council. Yolngu people live in …

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day trips from Darwin

An insight into Kunwinkgu tribe culture (Australia)

Mandedaidai Namatnyilk was our guide, on the boat ride that we took on the East Alligator River. He was from Kunwinkgu tribe. Very knowledgeable and he told us stories about his culture and his land. One of the most amazing and interesting things he shared was about their ritual when someone from their tribe passes …

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My “Australian” bucket list – tick tick tick!

While browsing through my old pictures, I found my notes that had the bucket list I wanted to cover in Australia. This included visiting places and the experiences that I wanted to have. I had created this year probably 5 years ago before I arrived in Australia. I have now decided to dedicate a post …

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Cage of Death (Darwin, Australia)

Yes, you heard it right. It’s the cage of death – the only crocodile dive in Australia. Crocosaurus Cove is a reptile park in Darwin and is an exhibit for reptiles, turtles and crocodiles. Being the adventure junkie I am, I decided to head to Darwin for the ANZAC long weekend and do the Cage of …

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My 2 days itinerary in Darwin

Darwin is Australia’s capital of tropical cities and is in the Northern Territory state. From its beautiful sunsets and harbors to the history of Darwin bombing during WWII, Darwin has a lot to offer. As part of my long weekend for Anzac day, I decided to head to Darwin. In this post, I have tried to list …

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