Tim Gray, from homeless to becoming an aboriginal guide

Timothy Gray, an aboriginal guide

Late last year when I was exploring Sydney, by being a tourist in my own city, I discovered the Barangaroo aboriginal cultural tour run at Barangaroo Reserve. And that is when I met Tim Gray, a guide at the cultural centre. Towards the end of our cultural tour, he told us a little story about … Read more

Story of Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma painting

Every South Indian would have heard stories of Raja Ravi Varma, while growing up. Raja Ravi Varma was a very common famous name that was discussed at our homes, movies and galleries. He was a legend and all of us at least had one copy of his painting at our homes. There are many Indian … Read more

An inspiring story of Pema Tshering

Pema Tshering at his work

Travel is the best teacher. It allows you to meet many people around the World. You sometimes also meet a few people in life who make a mark, a mark for a good cause. These are the people who are an inspiration and who make you believe that mind is stronger than anything. And one … Read more

Story of ex-poachers | Manas National Park

A poacher | Story of ex-poachers | Manas National Park

We all grew up listening to stories of how good can win over evil. Our elders and teachers have taught us how we can influence bad with a lot of good deeds. Yes, we have seen them happen in movies and shows, but have you ever seen it happen in real life? Similarly, I had … Read more

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