One day trip to Mekedatu

Mekedatu the goats leap

Mekedatu makes for a perfect one day trip from Bangalore. It is one of my favourite places as the gorge, the river and the people are just very beautiful. I had visited Mekedatu as part of a work outing. The village and the place were breathtakingly spectacular and the visit to Mekedatu had been the … Read more

The never forgotten stories of Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of the most emotional places I have visited is the Cellular Jail. It is a witness to the sufferings of many of our freedom fighters and soldiers who went through hell in the name of fight for freedom. When I visited Cellular Jail the first time around, I did not realise the importance and … Read more

14 places to see from Malleswaram to MG Road

Cat at Malleswaram, Bangalore

The best way to see and explore a place is by walking around that place. Walking is definitely my most favourite way of traveling and experiencing the local life. In a quest to understand and get some exercise in Bangalore, I walked a lot. I had made a rule that if a distance between two … Read more

Malleswaram, a trip down the memory lane

Malleswaram 8th Cross 02

Malleswaram, or also spelt as Malleshwaram, is a prime shopping area for North Bengaluru, the abode of delectably crispy dosas for gastronomic aficionados and spiritual/religious centre for the pious but to me, Malleswaram is home. A nest that has shaped me into who I have become today. If you are visiting Bangalore for the first … Read more

A complete guide to Malleshwaram

Railway track, Bangalore

Fellow travel buffs, welcome to Namma Bengaluru! In this post, we shall explore Malleshwaram, part of Old Bangalore. So, fasten your seat belts! Let me give you a virtual guide to Malleshwaram. Are you visiting Bangalore (officially called Bengaluru) for the first time? Read the travel guide to Bangalore. PIN for later reference About Malleshwaram … Read more

5 things to do in Malleshwaram


Malleshwaram is my home in Bangalore. I have always lived in the area and I have had plenty of childhood memories. It is an area where the older part of Bangalore mixes with the modern era. There are certain parts of Malleshwaram where time stands still. Well, we do have Jayanagar and Chamrajpet which are … Read more

One day trip to Adi Chunchanagiri

Adi Chunchanagiri

In southern part of India, we have a dedicated God and the temple that is worshipped by a household. And for my family it is Adi Chunchanagiri. I have been visiting this temple from my childhood and I have seen it improve and grow over the years. Even though I am not a religious person, … Read more

One day trip to Omkar Hill

Omkar Hills

Did you know that Bangalore has a clock tower that chants ‘Om’ at every hour of the day? Yes, Omkar Hill is a beautiful and spiritual place where you can hear Om chanting. I had visited the Omkar Hill when Rajarajeshwari Nagar was still considered as outskirts of Bangalore. Are you looking for places to … Read more

Malleshwaram gets a street art makeover

Malleshwaram gets a street art makeover

How fascinating! Malleshwaram gets a street art makeover “Street art is nothing else but urban poetry that catches someone’s eye. Being a street artist is impossible because the city itself is the artist. Street art is a collective thing, participative and interactive”. When Raksha from Solopassport came up with the idea of writing articles about … Read more

Things to do in Mysore

Mysore Dasara festival

Mysore is my most favourite city in Karnataka state. Not as fast paced as Bangalore, the city of Mysore has a beautiful and warmth vibe to it. In this post, I have tried to provide as much information on all the things to do in Mysore. PIN for later reference About Mysore Located on the … Read more

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