Cintacor Island Resort

7 things to do at Cintacor Island Resort

Did you know that Karnataka has its own island resort? Yes, to experience the life and luxury of staying at an island resort, one need not travel all the way to Maldives. We have it in our our beautiful country. A few weeks ago, my travel blogger friend and I decided to head to Cintacor Island Resort to experience this unique stay. And it was one of the best stays that I have had in India.

I travelled with a friend to Cintacor island resort after scuba diving trip in Netrani Island. 

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Cintacor Island Resort
PIN for later reference – Cintacor Island Resort

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About Cintacor Island Resort

Opened in 2016, Cintacor Island Resort is an island resort on the Kurumgad island in Arabian Sea. Cintacor is derived from an old Portuguese word Cintacora, that is a reference for Karwar. Just off the coast of Karwar, this island resort is a perfect getaway and defines luxury.

Cintacor Island Resort map
Cintacor Island Resort map

The Kurumgad Island is in the shape of a tortoise and has seen the rule of many dynasties over centuries. The island is also home to ruins of a fort that was built in 1705 AD by Basalinga Nayak of Sonda dynasty.

Bookings and Cost

The booking to the room can be made on the website and the cost of a deluxe cabin (pictures shown below) is around INR 18000 plus the taxes. The booking process and communication with the resort was very smooth and we did not have any such issues.


  • Boat ride between Karwar and the island.
  • Room charges.
  • Only Breakfast.
  • Access to Infinity pool, private beach, indoor games and temple.
  • Nature trail.


  • Meals excluding breakfast.
  • Water sport activities such as kayaking and jet ski rides.
  • Cocktails and mocktails.
  • Cold coffees or any other beverages.

Positives and negatives about the resort

The resort is stunning and one of its kind. There were more positives than the negatives that I can think of.

  • Booking process was easy and seamless.
  • There was not even a single staff member who was rude. Everyone were approachable and friendly.
  • Boat ride to the island was comfortable and beautiful.
  • Check in process was very smooth. And we were briefed about the island and the resort by the staff member.
  • Room and the bathroom was very neat and hygienic.
  • Views from the balcony of the room was breath taking.
  • Island has its own private beach.
  • Resort has maintained the nature on the island and has not cut down all the trees.
  • There is a temple on the island that is still accessible by the local Karwar people.
  • Food is amazing and delicious, especially the pastas.

The only negative aspect that I found was the cost. Cost of the room is high without much of inclusions. But I do understand that this is a unique and luxurious stay and hence the charges.

Neighbouring island - Cintacor island resort

7 things to do at Cintacor Island Resort

Swim in the Infinity Pool

Imagine swimming in a pool next to the big blue ocean. And the pool that provides uninterrupted views of the sea. Just about 4 to 5 feet deep, the Infinity pool is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite places on the island. Best place to be at the sunset on the island is in the Infinity pool.

  • Entry is included in the room package.
  • Ensure to wear a swimwear.
  • Take a shower before entering into the pool.
Infinity Pool at Cintacor island resort
Infinity Pool

Walk the nature trail

A guided walk conducted everyday by a staff member at 7:30 AM is the nature trail. Nature trail is a trail where the visitors are taken around the island showcasing the bushes, different viewpoints and the ruins of the fort. The trail offers pretty views of the ocean and neighbouring islands. It also passes through the old camping tents that were once available for visitors to camp.

  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Beware of the wildlife while walking.
  • Be careful on the edges.
Walk on the island - Cintacor island

Kayak in the ocean

Kayaking in the ocean is surely my thing to do. I love kayaking and what better when the water is warm and clear. The island offers kayaking with a guide. It is a single kayak where visitors can enjoy their peaceful time for half an hour.

  • Kayaking is not included in the room package.
  • The cost is around INR 400 plus taxes per person.
Kayaking at Cintacor Island

Play in their private beach

Being a water lover, there is nothing better than enjoying a private beach. Just about 10 minutes down the hill from the room and reception, the island has a beach called Water on the Rocks. It is a calm and serene place to enjoy the mornings.

  • Watch out for crabs. There are lots of them.
  • Listen to the security as they know which parts of the rocks are dangerous.
Private beach at Cintacor island

Pay your respects at Narasimha Swamy temple

As I mentioned before, there is a temple on the island. The temple is dedicated to Narasimha Swamy and is a few steps (around 30 to 40 steps) uphill from the private beach. The temple only has pictures of the god and it does not have any preist as well.

  • Visit to the temple is included in the room package.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the temple.
  • Be careful of the wildlife. I spotted a green snake on one of the steps.

Every year in the month of January, the resort closes for two days as the locals from Karwar visit this temple to perform the rituals and offer prayers. It is a village festival (in Kannada known as Ooru habba) that is celebrated by the locals. The Narasimha Swamy idol made of diamonds is carried to this temple during those two days and is worshiped before taking it back to Karwar.

Spot the wildlife

If you are a wildlife enthusiast like me, this resort is perfect for you. I spent hours by the beach looking at the crabs in their natural habitat. The island has been preserved such that the wildlife and the nature has not been disturbed. I also spotted a sea eagle with its catch (snake) and a green snake while walking around. And these were definitely the highlight for me.

Sea Eagles

Chill at the bar sipping cocktails

How can a holiday be complete without chilling by the bar and sipping cocktails? The resort also has an inhouse bar where one can purchase variety of cocktails and mocktails.

How to get to Cintacor Island Resort?

Cintacor Island resort is accessible only by boat. The boat ride is just about 20 minutes from the city of Karwar and the boat ride is included in the resort package. We were asked to be at a particular location where we were picked up by the resort staff.

  • Take an auto rickshaw to the boat pickup point from Karwar city. The auto ride is just about INR 70.
Boat ride to Cintacor Island Resort
Boat ride to Cintacor Island Resort

Safety for solo female travelers

Absolutely Yes! The staff on the island are extremely friendly and welcoming. It is definitely one of the safest places I have stayed in India and I highly recommend this resort for solo female travelers. But be careful while walking around the island especially at night as there is wildlife, including the tree snakes.

Are you new to solo traveling or have a lot of questions and doubts about solo traveling? Refer frequently asked questions on solo traveling.

Closing Notes

I just wish I could go back and stay on this paradise for few more days. The whole experience from the boat pickup to the drop off was amazing and I had such a great time.

Note: This post is NOT written in collaboration with the resort. The views and opinions expressed in this article are unbiased and are solely mine.

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Cintacor Island Resort - PIN for later reference
Cintacor Island Resort – PIN for later reference