Pat a cheetah at Canberra Zoo

I love big cats – Yes, I am obsessed with them. Because of this love/obsession, when I heard that at the Canberra zoo, you can pat a cheetah, I straight away added it into my bucket list.

After more than two years

Even though the purpose of visiting Canberra this year (September 2015) was the Floriade festival (my pictures from the festival can be viewed here), it was time for me to cross off my bucket list item.

On the day

I was super excited on the day. Finally, I was crossing off my bucket list item. I was given a specific time and location, from where I was picked up and was driven to the enclosure.

I was welcomed by an instructor. She briefed me about the security norms and what the cheetah likes and dislikes. Inside the enclosure, there were two instructors inside the cage – one to take the pictures (same instructor who met me at the entrance of the enclosure) and the second to keep a watch at the cheetah during the pat.

The name of the cheetah that I patted was ‘Elsa’ (inspired from the movie ‘Frozen’ huh?). And she was a fully grown 3.5 years old cheetah. Oh my God! She was magnificent and looked super elegant. Her fur coat was so soft. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful she looked (and all I did was just look at her the entire time – result? Bad postures for my pictures :/ ).



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