1. hey Raksha,

    Finally had the time to check our your blog after I got back to Singapore. This is Divya, I met you on the flight to Maldives and back from BLR. very happy to see your post on the Manta Rays you were so keen on seeing. Wishing you more opportunities for close encounters with your beloved marine life.

    As a strange co-incidence… just happened to come across a post of yours on FB with Deepthi Prabhu ( Sydney). Deepthi is my cousin ( mamas daughter) – its a small world after all .

    Am yet to see your posts and Travel logs…. will keep in touch.
    Take care- travel safe.

    • Hey Divya, What a small world! Yes Deepti is a good friend. Definitely would love to stay in touch. Take care. ❤️

  2. I would love to swim among these giants. You are lucky that the ray stayed around for so long. I love the video.

    • I fell in love with Manta Rays when I was working on a text book during my corporate life as a Photo Editor. You got so lucky to see them up-close. I really wish to see Manta Ray somedays. Most beautiful sea creature they are.

  3. I can feel your excitement! It is always a pleasure to meet these beautiful creature! Unfortunately manta rays are usually in the currents, like you I am always having a problem advancing. The first time I saw them it was in Komodo national park in Indonesia and there were 6 of them swimming around us. Magical!
    I hope you will get to see them often!

    • Wow what a beautiful experience. Just seeing the video made me excited. Although I too love the ocean have never ventured underwater. You are motivating me to take the plunge. Malta is such a beautiful creature and so cool. Maldives surely my destination to go to now.Hopefully soon.

  4. We swam with Manta Rays before in Hawaii. It was indeed a very unique experience, like you say. I only snorkeled with them, but my husband also did a night dive and watched the Mantas feed on plankton. Amazing! I’d love to see the Mantas in the Maldives as well.

  5. I’m very envious of your Manta Rey experience. Especially since it wasn’t a fleeting view from a distance, but close and it lasted such a long time. I bet you even had a first thought to hold your breath! But, I can’t believe that your dive buddy instructed you to hold onto the coral because that’s something you should never do. Simply touching coral can kill a whole bed. So in the spirit of maintaining see life for others to enjoy It’s not something that is good for the environment

  6. Getting up close and personal with Manta Ray must be a truly special moment for you. From how you described it, I could tell you are passionate about diving and you had such an amazing time.

  7. Wow! That’s an amazing experience. It is very rare to encounter a manta that close. It is indeed the best day ever. I’m happy for you.

  8. Wow, Raksha! You are so lucky to have seen the Manta Rays in your diving trips. Indeed, it was your best day in life. I am not much of a diver, but very tempted by your video.

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