Upper Yarra Goldfields circuit walk

Upper Yarra Goldfields circuit walk

One of the initial walks I did when in Melbourne was the Upper Yarra Goldfields Circuit walk. Back then I was very lazy and I never used to hike. Because of which, this hike was surely hard for me. I had to start somewhere and hence I had joined the groups on meetup and this … Read more

King Khan at Indian Film Festival

Shah Rukh Khan

My story of seeing King Khan at Indian Film Festival (IFF) 9 August 2019, Melbourne ‘Did I actually see him in person?’ ‘Or was I dreaming?’ ‘Really?’ I have all these questions today as I recollect last night’s event. It all seems so unreal and dreamy. Context Okay, let me give you a context. Last … Read more

Road trip from Sydney to Lakes Entrance

Sydney to Lakes Entrance

When I informed people about our ambitious road trip from Sydney to Lakes Entrance, everyone asked me if I knew what I was talking about and how many hours the drive was. My two friends and I had only a weekend to cover approx. 1500 kilometres. And we had made this wonderful plan in the … Read more

9 things to do in Melbourne

Flinders station Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the largest and beautiful cities in Australia. It is the capital of the state Victoria. Known for its huge European influence, Melbourne is famous for its style and food. The city is definitely one of my favourite cities in Australia. There are plenty of things to do in the city itself … Read more

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