Eagle Rock

I was jumping with joy and excitement when I visited Eagle Rock. Imagine seeing a waterfall along the cliff with a rainbow? It is this place. The place is definitely surreal and breathtakingly beautiful. This is something one shouldn’t miss when in Royal National Park. I totally recommend this walk. Logistics: Starting point of the…

Maddens Falls

Maddens Falls is one of those hidden gems that my friends, Vijay and Som, and I found when we were just driving around in the Royal National Park (RNP). The waterfalls is in the Dharawal National Park. It is about 50 minutes i.e. 60 kilometers from Sydney. The falls is a short 15 minutes walk from the…

Helensburgh Temple

My first drive with Ruhi was to Helensburgh Temple. “It is always wise to take blessings from the almighty when you buy new things.” – This is something my mother always reiterates. I decided to listen to my mother and headed straight to Helensburgh Temple. My friends Som and Vijay accompanied me during my visit…

Wedding Cake Rock

One of the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen in my life is the Wedding cake rock. Why is it called the Wedding cake rock? Well the answer is simple – the rock formations look like the wedding cake layered up. I had been planning a hike to this walk for close to 2 years….

Postcard from Wedding Cake Rock!

Life is those small happy moments. Beautiful walk among the bushes, along the breathtaking cliffs. Deep conversations with an adorable friend. Evening colours of the setting Sun. And the music of the waves hitting the shore. ~Solopassport Picture Courtesy: Vijay Kumar