The Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome

During my 6 weeks backpacking travel in Europe, I had a transit stop in Rome, before heading to Lisbon. I had around a day in Rome and the number one thing I wanted to see was The Colosseum. Read my travel stories from Western Europe. From the time I had seen the Gladiator movie, I … Read more

Lisbon Highlights tour, a walk through Lisbon landmarks

Castle of Sao Jorge

Lisbon city was the last leg of my 6 weeks backpacking trip in Europe. Even though it was towards the end of my travel, I still had some energy and enthusiasm left to explore the city by walk. As part of the Lisbon highlights self guided walking tour, I walked through some of the amazing … Read more

Golden Circle Route in Iceland

Iceland - A traveler's paradise

Visiting Iceland is incomplete without doing the Golden Circle route. The Golden Circle tour covers a distance of around 240 kilometres encompassing through some of the most spectacular landscapes of Iceland. I had heard and read so much about the Golden Circle tour that I had to include it as part of my 8 days … Read more

Visit Seljalandsfoss, a walk behind waterfalls

Behind the waterfalls - Seljalamdfoss

I have always dreamt of a fairy tale scene of walking behind a waterfall. It is one of those scenes that remind me of Disney movies. There are a few places that I did visit in India where I had come close to walking and standing behind a waterfall, but visiting Seljalandsfoss took the experience … Read more

Historical walking tour in Porto

Porto | Historical Walking Tour (Hostels)

I absolutely loved Porto in Portugal. It was a treat to take pictures of this spectacular city. The colourful buildings and the amazing display of the tiles were something to look for. And the pavements were even more beautiful. The city has an amazing vibe to it and anyone, I mean anyone can fall in … Read more

Europe Travel Planner

Porto | Historical Walking Tour

First of all, let me start by saying Europe is a continent with 44 countries. It is a continent with a lot of history and architecture. And one cannot travel all the countries in just 5 to 6 weeks, like how the way tour agencies and tourists portray. I have been to Europe three times … Read more

Hostels in Europe


I have told this plenty of times, I love staying at hostels. I have found that hostels are the best places to stay in Australia, New Zealand, any country in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Staying at hostels has many advantages, firstly its economical when you are budgeted traveller like me, secondly you tend to … Read more

Scuba diving in Sesimbra (Portugal)

Sesimbra scuba diving

Sesimbra is about 40 minutes bus drive from Lisbon. It is a fishing town and most importantly a great town known for its dive throughout the year. The main disadvantage of the ocean in Sesimbra is that it is always cold and rough. As part of my Europe travel this year, I wanted to include … Read more

3 days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam | Netherlands

Let me start this post by saying that I loved this beautiful city of canals. Amsterdam was very lively, beautiful and never slept and that’s what I loved about this city. Even though I had taken a very long flight from Australia to Europe, I did not for once stay back at the hostel when … Read more

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