Diving at Shelly beach, Sydney

Weeds at Shelly beach

Everyone who visits and lives in Sydney has probably heard of Shelly beach. It is one of the most famous beaches to snorkel or swim in the summer season. The shades of blue and the visibility are absolutely amazing at the Shelly beach. There are flags where one can just swim at Shelly beach. There … Read more

Diving at the Steps (Kurnell)

Diving at the Steps (Kurnell)

We were supposed to dive at a place called Voodoo in Sydney but that did not happen as there was a swell in the ocean and it was quite dangerous. So the divemaster decided to change the location to ‘The steps in Kurnell’. Coincidentally, this site was mentioned as one of the best sites in … Read more

Scuba diving in Amedee Island (New Caledonia)

Amedee Island

My first dive after getting an Open Water certified was at Amedee Island in New Caledonia. I was nervous and excited. I was nervous because the expectation is that I would remember all the basic skills that I learned from my certification. This is a good expectation but the reality is a little different. Since … Read more

Scuba diving in Pondicherry (East Coast, India)

Divers at Temple Reef | Pondicherry

India has around 8000 kilometres (5000 miles) of coastal line. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the West, the Indian Ocean on the South, and Bay of Bengal on the East. India also has some spectacular islands (Andamans and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep Islands) off the coast. The oceans surrounding the coastal line … Read more

Scuba diving in Sesimbra (Portugal)

Sesimbra scuba diving

Sesimbra is about 40 minutes bus drive from Lisbon. It is a fishing town and most importantly a great town known for its dive throughout the year. The main disadvantage of the ocean in Sesimbra is that it is always cold and rough. As part of my Europe travel this year, I wanted to include … Read more

Review of Queensland Scuba Diving Company

Queensland Scuba Diving Company in Gold Coast

Queensland Scuba Diving Company I have loved most of the scuba dives I have ever done so far in Australia. Some staff may not have been as friendly and good as others but generally, they are all fine. But there has been one scuba dive that I had done in the Gold Coast which I … Read more

Scuba diving at Tangalooma Wreck (Queensland)

Tangalooma wreck

I loved diving at Tangalooma Wreck. It was probably one of the times where I have had amazing visibility and have seen the wreck. I had dived here before I got my PADI certifications. I wish to go back there one day and then dive again. Since I am certified, I am sure the diving … Read more

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