Diving at Bare Island

Diving at the Bare Island

I had heard so much about the Bare Island. I had heard how beautiful the diving at this place was and how fascinated every diver was when they dived at this site. Honestly, diving at Bare Island was not planned for me. I just wanted to do a shore dive and I had booked a … Read more

Diving at Fairlight beach

Diving at Fairlight beach

I was supposed to go see the weedy sea dragons at the Shelly beach on the day. Unfortunately that did not happen due to the swell and the weather. So the dive centre decided to do a guided shore dive at Fairlight beach. And I think that was a good thing that happened. I had … Read more

Information on PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course

Sesimbra scuba diving

Buoyancy is something that I am still learning and understanding. It has been a huge learning curve. I know the more I practice the better I get. However, completing the PADI Peak Buoyancy Specialty course helped me in understanding how the buoyancy works in the water and how I can make sure I am properly … Read more

3 reasons to do PADI Rescue diver certification

Scuba diving

The PADI Rescue diver certification is one of the most rewarding PADI certifications I have done so far. The course is designed to help boost confidence among the divers by preparing the divers for emergency situations. I feel I learned a lot during this course. PIN for later reference Please note: This post may contain … Read more

Diving at Clifton Gardens

Diving at Clifton Gardens, Sydney

One of the most amazing dive sites I have dived at is the Clifton Gardens. Even though it was murky when I dived, I saw some unique and spectacular marine life. Definitely the beautiful, protected and calm dive site in Sydney is the dive at Clifton Gardens. PIN for later reference Please note: This post … Read more

Diving at Camp Cove beach, Sydney

Camp Cove

Do you crave for an easy relaxing diving experience? A condition that is extremely pleasant and is suitable for a new diver? Well, I generally look forward for those diving conditions and enjoy the diving experience more when the sea is not rough and the water is not too cold. Camp Cove beach diving site … Read more

Diving at Shelly beach, Sydney

Weeds at Shelly beach

Everyone who visits and lives in Sydney has probably heard of Shelly beach. It is one of the most famous beaches to snorkel or swim in the summer season. The shades of blue and the visibility are absolutely amazing at the Shelly beach. There are flags where one can just swim at Shelly beach. There … Read more

Diving at the Steps (Kurnell)

Diving at the Steps (Kurnell)

We were supposed to dive at a place called Voodoo in Sydney but that did not happen as there was a swell in the ocean and it was quite dangerous. So the divemaster decided to change the location to ‘The steps in Kurnell’. Coincidentally, this site was mentioned as one of the best sites in … Read more

Scuba diving bucket list

Amedee Island

As usual I am back with another list – a scuba diving bucket list. This is the list that I wish to maintain so it can guide me through ticking off some of the awesome diving sites around the World. I am still very new to diving (even though I have done about 50 dives … Read more

Shark Dive Xtreme in Sydney

Xtreme Shark Dive Sydney

There was a time in my life where I was doing too many adventurous activities. I was not scared of anything. Because of my daring and rebellious attitude, I booked the Shark Dive Xtreme at Manly Sealife. I did not think much! I think from that time on, I have grown a lot as a … Read more

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