Guide | Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)

Australia is known for its amazing coastline and its coastal walks. One such beautiful walk around Sydney is the Kurnell to Cronulla walk. The walk is within the Botany Bay. It provides amazing and picturesque views. The last 4 kilometres of the walk is along the beach. The track is through the Botany Bay along the Cape Bailey and the Hanging Swamps.

Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)

How to get there?

Public Transport

  • City to Cronulla station: The are trains available to Cronulla station from the city.
  • Cronulla station to Kurnell Reserve: Bus number 987 leaves from the Cronulla station to the Kurnell Reserve, Captain Cooks Landing Kurnell (Polo Street), which is the starting point for the walk.
  • Cronulla station to City: The trains are available from Cronulla station to the city.

More information can be found at NSW Transport website.

Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)
Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)


  • Distance: Approx. 14 kilometres
  • Grade: Easy
  • Time taken: Approx. 4 hours
Kurnell to Cronulla coastal walk (Sydney)

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