Nea Kameni Boat Tour - Hike on an Active Volcano

Nea Kameni Boat Tour: Hike on an Active Volcano (2024)

Did you know that Santorini has a fiery secret? Have you ever hiked on an active volcano? Hiking on an active volcano or even visiting one are some of the rarest things to do around the world. Nea Kameni boat tour ensures that you have those unique experiences in Santorini. In this post, you will find the information on the Nea Kameni boat tour and how you can hike up an active volcano.

While I was wandering in the town of Fira, I accidently stumbled up on a board that displayed information about a volcano tour. Instantly drawn, I went inside and inquired about this tour. It turned out that there was a tour named Nea Kameni boat tour that took visitors to a nearby volcanic island where they could hike on an active volcano.

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About Nea Kameni

Formed recently during the 16th and 18th centuries, Nea Kameni is one of the volcanic islands within the Santorini caldera. Nea Kameni meaning the Young Burnt Island is said to be an active volcano even though it erupted last in the 1950s. The highest point of the volcanic island is 127 metres and is surrounded by hot springs.

View from the Peak of Nea Kameni Island
View from the Peak of Nea Kameni Island

Nea Kameni Boat Tour

Nea Kameni is accessible only by boat and it is a short 20 to 30 minutes boat ride from the old port of Fira on main island of Santorini. The other ports where the boats depart are in Oia and Athinios. The boat tour that I took departed from the old port of Fira.

Nea Kameni boat tour agencies, departing from the ports in Santorini, take tourists to explore Nea Kameni’s volcanic landscapes, hike its trails on an active volcano to see craters, and soak in the thermal hot springs. The entire tour lasts for around 3 to 3.5 hours and have set departure times.

Tour agencies run these boats twice a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The boat ride offers spectacular views of the caldera, clear waters of Aegean Sea, and the villages of Santorini.

View of villages of Santorini
View of villages of Santorini

During the tour, the guides on the boat provide you with historical and interesting information such as information about the volcano, how the islands were formed, the mythological stories associated among others.

Volcanic rocks - Nea Kameni
Volcanic rocks

Hike on an Active Volcano

With rugged terrain, rocky and volcanic landscapes, red and dark coloured stones and rocks, Nea Kameni is a perfect to see the rough, gravelly surface of the volcano and the craters.

Rough rocky surface of the volcano and the craters
Rough rocky surface of the volcano and the craters

The hike to the top of the mountain is around 1.2 kilometres one-way and is well-marked. Perfect for beginner hikers, this trail is not very strenuous even though there are a few steep sections. But be sure to wear comfortable shoes during the hike.

The trail starts off at the entrance gate, a short distance from where the boat leaves you ashore. During the hike, you will see two dormant craters and one active crater. The active crater still has the sulphur and other minerals fumes coming out from the ground. This is an awesome sight!

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Hiking Trail - Nea Kameni
Hiking Trail

Swimming in Hot Springs

Situated close to Nea Kameni, there are natural thermal hot springs that are rich in sulphur and other minerals. These minerals are very good for the skin, and you can swim in this hot springs which are included in the Nea Kameni boat tour. Ensure to take your swimmers and a change for the hike.

Usually, the boat stops at this spot for 30 minutes where you can jump in the water and swim till the shore and be back on the boat just in time.

Natural thermal hot springs
Natural thermal hot springs

Booking and Cost

Depending on the duration and the number of stops included on the tour, there are three different types of Nea Kameni boat tour:

  • Old Port: Volcano and Hot Springs (3 hours), departing from the old port of Fira.
  • Old Port: Volcano, Hot Springs and Thirassia (6 hours), departing from the old port of Fira.
  • Athinios or Oia: Volcano, Hot Springs and Thirassia (6 hours), departing from the ports of Athinios or Oia.

I went on the first tour which was for 3 hours to the volcano and hot springs. The tour agency that I went with was Dakoutros Travel Central Agency which has its office located in two places, one at the old port of Fira and the other on the main street of Fira.

The prices vary based on which tour you are opting for. It is best to book the tour online (so you have a slot during the peak season) or at the port.

To do the hike on the volcano, you need to take an entrance ticket of Euros 5 per person at the base of the Nea Kameni volcano. It is best to carry the exact cash.

Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Absolutely Yes! There were no concerns about safety at all. I took the Nea Kameni Boat Tour alone and hiked up the volcano with a complete set of strangers who were on the boat. And I did not have any issues. The place is monitored and is very safe for solo female travelers.

At the Peak of Nea Kameni
On the Peak of Nea Kameni

Closing Notes

In conclusion, I would like to say that Nea Kameni is an unforgettable and an offbeat experience that you can have when you are visiting the Greek Island of Santorini. It allows you to explore geological wonder. Not just the hike, but on this tour, you will also be treated with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea.

Nea Kameni Boat Tour, especially the hike on an active volcano, was one of the best and unique experiences I had during my cruise travel. If you are an adventure seeker like me, then this experince is a must-do in Santorini.

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Nea Kameni Boat Tour: Hike on an Active Volcano (2024)
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