Guide to visit Universal Studios (Singapore)

One of the best decisions I took as part of my Singapore travel was to visit Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a theme park located on the Sentosa Island in Singapore. The Universal Studios market themselves as “one-of-its-kind” theme park and I couldn’t agree more.

Booking & Pricing

I booked the Singapore Super Saver: Universal Studios, S.E.A Aquarium and Maritime Experimental Museum tour with It costed me about AUD 96.90.


I was dropped off at the entrance of the Universal Studios by my tour guide. All of us started clicking pictures with the Universal Studios globe that is right opposite to the entrance. It was a rotating globe with Universal written on it.


The theme park was not yet open for visitors, so I decided to explore the place in the meantime. I looked around and took more pictures with the colorful Merlion and Candylicious store.

I decided to visit the Aquarium and the Maritime museum first, before visiting the Universal Studios. The Maritime museum had a huge collection of artifacts – from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

The Maritime hosts a show at the Typhoon Theater. The entrance to the theater costed me an extra SGD 3. The show was 4 dimensional and I must admit it was fantastic. It felt like a real experience where we boarded the sailing ship and encountered a perilous storm. What made it even more memorable was the splashes of water. I would definitely recommend this show.

After the show, we exited at the basement where the aquarium was. I was amazed to see the number of fishes and marine life the aquarium holds. It was spectacular. The aquarium had sharks, manta rays, different kinds of jelly fishes and many more.

I spent half a day only at the aquarium and the museum. I decided to head to the Universal Studios. It was a mini world in itself. The park had many shops, restaurants, rides, trains, ice cream vans and so on. It had everything that I could have possibly imagined.

The first village (if I may call) I visited was the Madagascar village. Who hasn’t watched the Madagascar! It is one of my favorite animated movies so far. I love Alex, Gloria, Melman, Julien and Marty. The village had a ride that would take us all through a forest where the guys try to escape. It was so much fun – super fun.


I later visited Shrek’s and Princess Fiona’s palace. We were provided with the Ogre 3D glasses and the show started off by a story narrated by the mirror. After the narration, we were escorted to a theater where we sat on movable chairs with our 3D glasses on. The show was again 4D with water splashes and moving chairs. We all were part of the story where we rescued Princess Fiona. The show was mind blowing.


The next was the Puss in Boots. After about 40 minutes wait, I got into a mini train and this ride was the roller coaster ride. The train went up and down the roller and it was awesome. The adrenaline was pumping and it was great fun.

I had run out of time and I had to return, unfortunately. I will definitely visit Universal Studios again to cover the remaining villages and rides. This is a must do for sure when visiting Singapore.


  1. I have been to the Universal studios in Orlando, haven’t been to Singapore yet, but it’s on my list. I can say that I liked them more than Disney. I think they are more interesting for adults.

  2. Julie & Drew

    I am moving to China next month, and heading back to Singapore is high on our travel list once we are living in Asia. I wouldn’t mind spending an afternoon exploring Universal. I’m always a sucker for an amusement park.

  3. There’s a Universal Studios in Singapore? Candylicious looks like it should be the first stop! It was interesting to see how different Universal Studios is in Singapore compared to the ones in Florida and California. You’d think they’d be exactly the same.

  4. authenticfoodquest

    What a fun way to spend a day. Love amusement parks and the rides. The Puss in Boots train looks and sounds like fun!! Will definitively visit the next time we are in Singapore!!

  5. WanderingCarol

    I would have never thought of doing this in Singapore, but what a fun idea. I haven’t been to Universal Studios since I was a kid and by the looks of your post, it’s progressed by leaps and bounds since then. Fun.

  6. Nisha

    That was really a good decision to go to Universal Studios. Did you see Hersheys there? 🙂 Besides all the attractions, I loved watching kids playing with soap bubbles. I felt like catching them too! 🙂

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