Exploring the South Coast: A Road Trip to Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson, and Nowra (2024)

Are you in search of a scenic road trip along the captivating south coast of New South Wales (NSW)? Craving a delightful escape from the bustling city of Sydney? Look no further than the road trip to Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson, and Nowra – an ideal weekend getaway! Join us in this guide as we embark on a virtual journey, exploring some of the most spectacular destinations on the enchanting south coast of NSW.

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A weekend preceding my thrilling journey to Nepal, my friends and I opted for our inaugural long drive in my car, Ruhi. After deliberating and settling on destinations in the vicinity of Sydney, we ultimately chose Huskisson, making pit stops at notable spots along the route, including Fitzroy Falls and Nowra.


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Weekend Itinerary to Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson and Nowra

Stop 1 – Fitzroy Falls

Situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales (NSW), Fitzroy Falls is a charming village situated about a 2-hour drive (140 kilometers) from the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). This served as our inaugural stop on the road trip.

What to do in Fitzroy Falls?

Fitzroy Falls, doubling as a waterfall, descends approximately 80 meters within Morton National Park. The Fitzroy Falls visitor center is a gateway to numerous short walks and scenic lookouts. It’s worth highlighting that the visitor center itself has earned recognition as an award-winning facility.

Fitzroy Falls
Fitzroy Falls

Stop 2 – Huskisson

Our second and primary destination on the road trip was Huskisson, a charming coastal town on the shores of Jervis Bay. Huskisson is approximately a 2-hour and 40-minute drive (193 kilometers) from Sydney CBD and roughly 1 hour away (66 kilometers) from Fitzroy Falls.

Jervis Bay and Huskisson are the beautiful stopover on the east coast of Australia or when you are driving from Sydney to Lakes Entrance.

Where to stay in Huskisson?

Our accommodation choice was the Huskisson Beach Motel, located near the city center and various restaurants. The motel proved to be convenient, offering spacious and immaculately clean rooms.


You can also consider staying at:

What to do in Huskisson?

Scuba diving at Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay boasts the finest dive sites in Australia, providing opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling to witness its rich marine life. Personally, I had an incredible scuba diving at the Docks, ranking among the best dives I’ve undertaken in New South Wales (NSW). It’s essential to note that the water in Jervis Bay tends to be quite cold, necessitating a minimum 5 mm wetsuit for comfort and safety.

Jervis Bay is a place to swim with humpback whales during the whale migratory season. You can also swim with humpback whales at Mooloolaba in Queensland.

Hyams Beach

The stunning Hyams Beach is an essential destination, renowned for its immaculate white sand and captivating shades of blue. Its picturesque and breathtaking beauty makes it a must-visit. Hyams Beach is conveniently located just 7 kilometers from the city center of Huskisson. Additionally, it’s a famous spot to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the moonrise.

Hyams Beach
Hyams beach
Point Perpendicular lighthouse

Our third stop on the return journey from Huskisson was the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, situated on the Beecroft Peninsula and initially illuminated in 1899. This lighthouse on the South Coast serves as a crucial coastal beacon in navigational aid. Located about 2 hours and 45 minutes (201 kilometers) from Sydney CBD and just 45 minutes away (50 kilometers) from Huskisson, it’s a notable landmark along the coastal route.

Point Perpendicular lighthouse
Point Perpendicular lighthouse

Stop 3 – Nowra

Nowra marked our ultimate stop before returning to Sydney, characterized by its quaint atmosphere as a small country town. Positioned around 2 hours away (160 kilometers) from Sydney and merely 40 minutes (41 kilometers) from the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, Nowra beckoned with its charming streets adorned with beautiful buildings and graffiti. The town exudes a serene vibe over the weekend, making it a peaceful and delightful destination.

What to do in Nowra?

While Nowra may not offer an abundance of activities, it boasts an array of impressive street art throughout the town, making it worthwhile to pause and appreciate.

Additionally, a noteworthy experience in Nowra is dining at ‘Adithya Kerala Restaurant.’ Despite its small size, the restaurant is known for its delicious cuisine. It’s essential to be aware that the dining experience can be somewhat pricey. Sujith, the amiable restaurant owner, ensures a friendly and accommodating atmosphere.


Road Trip Route and Distance

At the conclusion of our road trip, we explored Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson, the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, and Nowra, covering a distance of approximately 500 kilometers.

Closing Notes

The weekend road trip encompassing the aforementioned destinations can be effortlessly enjoyed, offering a leisurely drive with a laid-back atmosphere and not too many scheduled activities. Our experience was fantastic, and we highly recommend exploring these remarkable spots in NSW.

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Exploring the South Coast: A Road Trip to Fitzroy Falls, Huskisson, and Nowra (2024)
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