Uttari betta trek

Uttari Betta Trek Adventure (2024)

After numerous planning, cancelling, and rescheduling rounds, I finally embarked on the Uttari Betta trek over a weekend. Uttari Betta, an easily accessible hill, lends perfectly to one-day treks from Bangalore. It has swiftly become one of the most sought-after trekking destinations near Bangalore.

Did you know that Bangalore is enveloped by numerous hills (referred to as “betta” in the Kannada language), offering ideal options for one-day treks? Among them, notable mentions include Nandi Hill, Skandagiri, Shivgange betta, Bilikal Rangaswamy betta, Channarayana Durga Fort, Bheema Bakasura betta, Hulukadi betta and Kaurava Kunda.

PIN for later reference – Uttari Betta Trek Adventure

PIN for later reference - Uttari Betta Trek Adventure
PIN for later reference – Uttari Betta Trek Adventure

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About Uttari betta

Also referred to as Hutridurga, Uttari Betta is a fortified hill in the Kunigal taluk of Karnataka state. Rising to an elevation of 1130 meters, Uttari Betta is renowned among trekkers, drawing crowds, particularly on weekends.

In India, a hike is commonly referred to as a trek. Therefore, I’ll use the term “trek” to align with local terminology when discussing the Uttari Betta hike, although it technically spans a single day.

Hutridurga Fort
Hutridurga Fort

Constructed by Kempegowda during the 16th century, Hutridurga boasts a ruined fort atop Uttari Betta. This fort, also known as the Hurtidurga fort, served as a military stronghold for Tipu Sultan until its conquest by the British in 1791. Amidst the fort’s remains lies a small temple, the Shankareshwara Temple, devoted to Lord Shiva.

Shankareshwara temple
Shankareshwara temple

Additionally, visitors can find a Nandi statue atop the hill fort accompanied by another temple honouring Lord Anjaneya. The fortification comprises eight primary gateways stretching from the base to the summit, supplemented by numerous outer gates.

One of the doors in Uttari betta trek
One of the doors in Uttari Betta

The optimal time for hiking Uttari Betta is during the winter, as the summer brings scorching heat, making it advisable to avoid trekking. Moreover, trekking can be hazardous in rainy conditions due to slippery surfaces, so exercise caution during ascent and descent. While at the peak, be prepared for sudden weather changes; I experienced a significant downpour during my visit, with no shelter available at the summit.

Uttari Betta Trek Details

The Uttari Betta trek stands out among the hills surrounding Bangalore for its lush greenery, offering a refreshing contrast to the region’s typically barren and arid landscape.

Starting and concluding at the base of the hill in Santhepete (or Huthridurga), this trek spans 5 kilometres, a round trip typically completed in approximately 2 hours.

  • Starting and Finishing Points: Base of the hill at Santhepete (or Huthridurga).
  • Total Distance: 5 kilometres return.
  • Time Taken: 2 hours.
  • Grade: Easy. There are well-built steps and railings to climb.
  • Type of Trek: Return.

Rated as easy, the trek features well-constructed steps and railings, facilitating a smooth ascent. It follows a return route, allowing trekkers to retrace their steps to the starting point upon reaching the summit.

Important Information

  • Prepare a sturdy day pack containing essentials such as a first aid kit, sunscreen, poncho, sweater or jacket, torch, personal medication, and sunglasses.
  • Ensure you wear robust and comfortable shoes for the trek.
  • Always carry an extra pair of socks to prevent discomfort from blisters.
  • Stay hydrated by carrying at least 2 litres of water for the day.
  • Pack your lunch and snacks to enjoy at the peak, as no food options are available on the hill.
  • Please respect the environment by refraining from littering; carry your rubbish and dispose it only in designated bins.
  • As there are no shops on the hill, purchase your lunch and snacks at a nearby fast food joint or darshini before starting the trek.
  • While this trek can be undertaken independently, consider joining a trekking agency to ensure a well-planned day, including transportation arrangements.
  • There are no toilet facilities on the hill or at the peak.
  • Exercise caution around monkeys, as they may attempt to snatch bags or food.

How to Get to Santhepete?

The starting point of the trek is in Santhepete (also called Huthridurga) in Kunigal taluk of Tumkur district.

By Road

Santhepete is approximately 80 kilometres from Bangalore city, with a travel time of around 2 to 3 hours by road. The route heads towards Nelmangala and includes sections with toll roads.

By Public Transport

Regular bus services operate between Bangalore city and Kunigal. The recommended approach is to board a local bus to Kunigal and hire an auto-rickshaw or taxi to Hutridurga.

Note: This transportation method may pose challenges for the return journey as auto-rickshaws, or taxis may not be readily available after the trek.

One-Day Itinerary for Uttari Betta Trek

Embark on a thrilling one-day adventure to Uttari Betta from Bangalore. Kick-start your journey bright and early in the morning, allowing 2 to 3 hours for the road trip. En route, make a pit stop for a hearty breakfast at one of the many fast food joints or darshinis. Don’t forget to pack your lunch for the trek ahead.

Upon reaching the base of the hill, commence your ascent. The trek typically lasts about one hour, leading to the breathtaking peak. Revel in the awe-inspiring vistas of neighbouring mountains and quaint villages as you savour your lunch at the summit.

Begin descending from the peak, a journey of less than an hour, returning you to the base. Once descended, set off for Bangalore, with another 2-hour road journey ahead, barring any traffic delays.

Trekking Agency

Bangalore boasts numerous trekking agencies that offer guided excursions to nearby hills. While I haven’t personally sampled all of them, I’ve heard positive reviews about many. One agency I can vouch for is the Bangalore Mountaineering Club (BMC), recognised as the city’s oldest and most established trekking agency. My experiences with BMC have been enjoyable; their youthful trek leads demonstrate strong leadership skills, ensuring punctuality and a smooth trekking experience.

  • Trekking Agency: BMC.
  • Cost: INR 1259 per person, including the GST.
  • Booking: The booking process is easy and can be done on their website.
  • After booking, make sure to call them to confirm the trek. All these treks require a minimum number of participants, and if the agency does not get the participants, they usually cancel the treks.

Is Uttari Betta Trek Safe for Solo Female Trekkers?

I strongly advise against solo hiking, regardless of gender. The hill can become isolated rapidly, making a trek with at least one companion essential. Generally, having a trekking buddy by your side is recommended to ensure preparedness for any unforeseen circumstances.


Closing Notes

Uttari Betta is one of the most remarkable one-day treks near Bangalore. The panoramic vistas from the peak are truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring. Have you had the opportunity to experience the Uttari Betta trek firsthand? Share your thoughts and experiences by writing to me at Solopassport@gmail.com.

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Uttari Betta Trek Adventure (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Uttari Betta Trek Adventure

    PIN for later reference - Uttari betta trek
    PIN for later reference – Uttari Betta Trek Adventure