Whale watching in Sydney

As an yearly routine, I went for a whale watching tour this year as well. In Sydney, whale migration happens between the months of May and November. In the first part of the season, the whales are heading from south (Antarctica) to north (Queensland). And in the second part of the season, the whales head back from the north (Queensland) to south (Antarctica) again. This is to migrate from the harsh cold waters in the winter to the warmer water in Queensland. The types of whales we generally see near Sydney are the Humpback whales.

Whale watching tour

Over the years I have figured out that there are always deals on Groupon for whale watching. Without the deals, the 3-4 hours of boat tour costs around AUD 80. But with the deals, the same tour costs somewhere between AUD 35 to AUD 40.

I went with Go Whale Watching this time and I must say they were very good. The tour was for 2.5 hours (12:30 PM to 3 PM).

Pictures from 2019


My experience

This year’s whale watching tour was very special. I have never cried emotionally before even though I have seen some spectacular things in life. But this time when I saw the two whales swimming so closely near the boat, I cried. I cried with joy and was so emotional. This is definitely a first for me. And whole experience was thrilling and beautiful.

One last tip…

Ensure you take a sea sickness tablet before getting onto the boat. The ocean is generally very rough and rogue. Last weekend the height of each wave was close to 2 metres and it was a 2.5 hours of a roller coaster ride. Most of them on the boat fell sick.

And one more tip when you feel sea sick, the best place to be is in the open where there is fresh air.

So, that’s all for now. Go out there and Happy Whale Watching!

Also view my pictures from previous years Whale Watching:


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